Fine, I’ll Start a Blog

I told myself I wouldn’t blog about my experiences in New Zealand. No, I said, I won’t add another mediocre blog to my (lengthy) list of failed attempts at writing success. Those dedicated few who have been reading the material I’ve published online since college (you’re the best, Trish) will recognize catchy names like AudioVino, Philosofemme, Life as a Holiday, and – most cringe-worthy of all – “Life to the Fullest: My Summer Abroad.” Those people may also remember how easily I’ve fallen off the wagon on each of those endeavors. During my summer in Europe, I’m pretty sure my grandpa thought I’d died when I suddenly stopped posting somewhere between Nice and Munich.

It’s not just my past blogging failures that have me dragging my feet – I also use my job as an excuse. I write more than 4,000 words about travel, health supplements, wedding planning and the Common Core every day at work, and by the end of the day, I’m often tired of looking at a computer screen. When I get home from work and settle in with a glass of wine (or three), the last thing I want to think about is grammar, writing voice and tone, my personal philosophy on the Oxford comma, or the Associated Press.

OK, who am I kidding? I love thinking about those things. I’m thankful that I have the pleasure of being able to write for a living, but I really thrive when I can muse on topics of my own choosing. I feel a weird level of excitement when I get to teach people about proper grammar and the standards of various manuals of style. I. LOVE. IT.

So fine, I’ll start a blog, excuses be damned. My lovely, wonderful, supportive family and friends have essentially begged me to do so, so I will oblige. Maybe, just maybe, I’ll stick with it this time. I’m doing this all for those of you who asked me to start a blog cataloging my adventures here in New Zealand. (So you’d better read it!)

But seriously, all faux begrudging aside, I’m excited to share my experiences with you. I hope to update this blog once or twice a week with lots of cool pictures (OK, “cool” might be an exaggeration, as I can never keep my hands steady long enough to take a proper photo), stories, updates on my life, and maybe even some musings unrelated to travel. I’m not really going to set any topic boundaries here – I just want to keep my loved ones up to date on what’s on my mind, here on the other side of the world.

This post is just a taste of things to come (this blog is going to be epic!). Not really. But maybe. Probably not. Read it anyway.

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