Announcing: The Olive Branch Meditation Challenge!

I don’t know about you guys, but sometimes I need to personal accountability incentives in order to stick with my goals. For years now, it’s been a huge personal goal of mine to include a meditation practice in my daily routine. I wrote a post last week about some of my favorite meditation techniques, but if I’m being completely honest, I could increase my efforts to practice these techniques on a more regular basis.

I’m a spiritual person, and I definitely function at my best when I keep spirituality in mind. Moving through the motions of life isn’t enough – most of us need a sense of purpose and meaning. Most of my peers aren’t involved in organized religious communities, and with millennials delaying the experience of settling down and starting families, a lot of us (myself included) need something to help us feel grounded. We need to make time to stay in touch with ourselves, the nature of our lives, and the deeper purpose for our time here on earth.


I’m not going to push my spiritual ideas on anyone, of course, but meditation is a universally beneficial practice. Some call it praying, others call it meditating. It can take many forms, and it can bring all kinds of benefits, including spiritual awakening, relaxation, the manifestation of goals and dreams, and the ability to be present in the moment.

Last week, I asked you guys if you’d be interested in a meditation challenge, and I got quite a few messages from friends and followers saying they wanted to participate. I’m SO EXCITED to go on this journey with whomever is interested in coming along for the ride! They say it takes about 28 days to build a habit, so for the next four weeks, we’re going to meditate for just 15 minutes each day. Hopefully by the end of our challenge, our meditation practice will be such a big part of our daily habits that we won’t want to quit.

So here’s how it’ll work.

We’ll be trying out four different meditation techniques, one per week.

Week 1: Mantra Meditation
Week 2: Intention Meditation

Week 3: Visualization Meditation
Week 4: Manifestation Meditation

Each Friday, I’ll publish a post about the upcoming week’s meditation technique, and I’ll include ideas for how you can make that type of meditation personal for you. For example, before week 1, I’ll explain the difference between a mantra and an intention, and I’ll give you ideas for how you can form your own mantra and use it in your meditation practice. Then we’ll start our daily 15-minute meditation practice together the following Monday.


If you’d like to participate, I’ll ask you to take a few minutes to write down your mantra, intention, visualization or manifestation plans. As you go through the week, try to keep short notes about your experience. Were you able to clear your mind? Did you feel better after meditating? Did you get frustrated? What did you think of the technique you tried? Did you miss any days?

Each week, I’ll also post my own notes from the week prior. This stuff can get pretty personal, so you’re in no way obligated to post your own experiences – but if you’d like to, you can do so either in the comments section of this blog, on your own blog, or on social media. If you go the social media route, just hashtag your post with #OliveBranchMeditationChallenge so I see it and can respond! Feel free to tag your yoga- and meditation-loving friends too so they can participate if they wish.

I’m really excited to get started! I’ll be posting on Friday with information about how to prepare for Week 1, which we’ll start on Sunday. (If you’re reading this after-the-fact, though, feel free to jump in and try this out anytime!)

Looking forward to Om-ing with you,

<3 Maggie

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