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Hey guys! It’s time to move into Week 3 of our meditation challenge. With two days to go of intention meditation, I’m feeling more and more like these 15 minutes of peace will stay in my daily routine. I don’t seem to have a definitive pattern in when I meditate (as a freelancer, my schedule is pretty flexible, so my work hours are all over the place) but I definitely find myself craving meditation, particularly after a yoga session.

So as we move into Week 3, here’s what you need to know about visualization.


Visualization Meditation Techniques 101

So, I’ll start off by clarifying that there are lots of different interpretations of “visualization.” One such interpretation involves envisioning something you really, really want – but I’ve decided to keep that separate (that’s what we’ll focus on next week for manifestation meditation).

Rather, we’re going to be using visualization techniques to help us get into a meditative state. The difference between visualization and manifestation is actually very similar to mantras vs intentions. In both cases, the former involves using a sort’ve brainless technique in order to get our brains to relax, while the latter involves focusing on something with a deep meaning that we’d like to concentrate on.

Visualization Techniques To Try

Now, since we aren’t going to be envisioning things we want to manifest, what are we doing, exactly? We’re using visualization techniques to lull us into a relaxed, meditative state. Here are a few visualization techniques you may want to try:


  • Energy visualization: Envision a big ball of color or light moving along various points of your body. For example, this ball of energy may start at your feet and work its way up to the tip of your head as your meditation practice progresses.
  • Chakra visualization: You can focus on each of the seven chakras in progressive order. Getting into the associations/meaning behind each chakra is a completely separate topic (let me know if you’re interested in a post about this!) but if you are already familiar with the seven chakras, you can visualize each one individually. As you visualize each chakra, imagine it growing and shining with bright light. As the light grows, imagine that the chakra is being cleansed and renewed.
  • Progressive muscle relaxation: While sitting or lying down, begin to focus on each body part individually. Start with your toes. Imagine them feeling heavy and relaxed, as if you simply couldn’t move your toes off the ground, even if you tried. Then, move upward to your feet, your ankles, your calves, etc. This is the basic concept behind yoga nidra (translation: yogic sleep).
  • Peace-spreading visualization: This is a technique I picked up from one of my favorite YouTubers, Lesley Fightmaster. As you’re sitting, envision a bubble of peace, joy and happiness around you. Picture nature, your loved ones – anything that makes you feel peaceful and joyful. Then, imagine that bubble of peace spreading out to your loved ones, enveloping them in joy and positivity. Next, imagine that this bubble grows even larger, enveloping all of their friends and family members. Keep this going until you eventually envision the entire world in this bubble of peace and joy.
  • Nature visualization: Last but certainly not least is the ever-classic nature visualization. Think of a place that makes you feel truly at peace. Maybe it’s a babbling brook beneath a big willow tree. Maybe it’s a sunny beach. Maybe it’s in the arms of a big tree in your grandparents’ backyard. Wherever it is, imagine yourself there. Picture how it looks. Imagine how the ground feels underneath you. Hear the birds singing, or the book babbling. Feel the sunshine on your skin. Completely immerse yourself in this creative visualization for the entirety of your meditation practice.


You can pick the same visualization technique to carry you throughout the week or you can try a new one every day. I myself will probably switch it up between chakra cleansing, nature visualization and energy visualization. Let me know what you decide to do!

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