Welcome to The Olive Branch! I’m Maggie, a freelance health and nutrition writer, world traveler, and dedicated yoga practitioner. This healthy lifestyle blog offers tips and advice for living an active, balanced, mindful life, with particular emphasis on travel, yoga, natural beauty and personal growth.

The last couple of years have been a whirlwind for me. Before starting this blog, I worked as a health and nutrition writer in the marketing world. At about age 25, after years of living inauthentically, I dramatically changed the course of my life by moving abroad, leaving the world of corporate marketing, ending a long-term relationship and starting from scratch. I decided to pursue a lifestyle indicative of what’s important to me: nutritious food, vibrant health, long-term travel and a positive mindset.

Historically, the olive branch is a symbol of peace. It’s often shared as a peace offering between warring nations and tribes. Peace – both internal and in relationships – is a key component of yoga and wellness.

So what are you going to find here on The Olive Branch? Advice and tips for living a healthy, interesting, joyous, positive and fulfilling life. You’ll find whole foods-based recipes and meal plans (often vegetarian and/or gluten-free), guidance on the latest nutrition and diet research, natural beauty and wellness tips, travel advice, reflections on yoga, and, of course, personal recounts of my travels around the globe.

Thank you for visiting, and Namaste!

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